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Sweetwater District Offers Three-Year Agreement to Sweetwater Education Association

Offer Includes Salary Increase and Health Benefits

On Tuesday, November 12, the Sweetwater Union High School District extended an offer to the Sweetwater Education Association (SEA) – the employee group that includes teachers, librarians and school nurses. The offer includes two-key proposals: Wages and Health and Welfare Benefits. A similar offer was tentatively agreed to by the three Sweetwater District chapters of the California State Employees Association (CSEA).

The offer with wage increases would include:

  • 1.56% increase Year 1 (effective 1/1/14)
  • 1.80% increase Year 2 (effective 7/1/14)
  • 2.20% increase Year 3 (effective 7/1/15)

The offer for Health & Welfare Benefits would include an increase in the Sweetwater District’s current annual contribution of nearly $9,000 per employee to over $12,000 per employee.

This increase would result in a lower rate for single employees and employees with one dependent. Under this proposal, a significant number of employees would pay $0, or significantly less than what they are currently contributing.

“While we are working hard to try and make progress, I am very disappointed that we have not been able to reach an agreement up to this point,” said Superintendent Edward M. Brand. “We have reached tentative agreements with the three CSEA groups, Management employees and Confidential unit employees with very similar offers. We are hoping to have something worked out with the remaining groups as soon as possible.”