Disinformation and COVID-19


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“We don’t know the long-term effects of the vaccine”

  • We know that vaccines work and have lasting protective effects but for COVID vaccines, the testing has only been systematically documented out to 6 months.
  • These are the most monitored vaccines in history and after millions of doses administered in the US (and even more worldwide), while some very rare reactions have been detected, there have been no long-term effects noted.
  • We do know that COVID-19 DISEASE can cause long COVID for some, even those with minor symptoms and long-term effects in others.

“It’s an experimental vaccine”

  • This “new” technology was in the works for decades with one type of technology being used in animals and recent Ebola outbreaks.
  • Safety measures and trials were still conducted with diverse participants across different countries.
  • These vaccines continue to be closely monitored, there are even NEW active surveillance measures such as CDC’s V-safe.

“The vaccine is not FDA approved”

  • Time matters during a pandemic when lives and livelihoods depend on timing of the vaccines.
  • The FDA has given vaccines emergency use authorization (EUA), which is a more streamlined way to get these vaccines to the public. It “cuts the red tape”.
  • In fact, most COVID-19 tests and treatments were also given EUAs so they can be used in the response to the pandemic

“If I get vaccinated, I can still carry COVID-19 and be contagious so why bother”

  • You cannot spread an infection you never get.