Staff Resources

Staff Digital Tools

  • Web Filter Log-in (Linewize) Staff who are not automatically identified by their Sweetwater device will be filtered through the strict Student filter.  Log-on through this link and you will be identified as a staff member and have access to a more filter appropriate for staff.
    Password Management (Register, Reset, and FAQs) – Ah, the bane of our existence in the early 21st century.  This link will help you solve all your password problems. At least, those related to your work with Sweetwater.
  • Email Lookup – You can look up the email of any staff member by first name, last name, birthday or last four of social security number(I guess this last one is if you forget your own email.  Now if you can’t remember your SS#, 🙂
  • Fraud Hotline – The purpose of the Fraud hotline is to report anonymously any fraud you suspect associated to a Sweetwater employee.
  • Infinite Campus – Log-in to our Student information System