Staff Resources

Staff Digital Tools

  • Web Filter Log-in (Linewize) Staff who are not automatically identified by their Sweetwater device will be filtered through the strict Student filter.  Log-on through this link and you will be identified as a staff member and have access to a more filter appropriate for staff.
    Password Management (Register, Reset, and FAQs) Use this link related to your work with Sweetwater.
  • Email Lookup – You can search the email of any staff member by first name, last name, birthday or last four of social security number.
  • Fraud Hotline – The purpose of the Fraud hotline is to report anonymously any fraud you suspect associated to a Sweetwater employee.
  • Infinite Campus – Log-in to our Student information System

Frontline Substitute System

  • Frontline Substitute System – Is an automated system which will simplify and streamline the process of recording and managing absences and finding substitutes.