New Sweetwater Mission and Belief Statements

On December 11, 2017 the Board of Trustees adopted a new Mission and Belief Statements for the Sweetwater Union High School District.

We received 115 comments and responses to the first draft and the changes reflect careful consideration of the input we received from the community and the 40 stakeholders who came together to create the initial drafts.

We thank the entire community and thank you for helping us in “Putting Students First”.


Located in the heart of an international border community, the Sweetwater Union High School District ensures a safe, inclusive, collaborative culture that empowers each student to actively engage in a meaningful educational experience to pursue personal and academic success.


  • We believe each student can succeed.
  • We believe in a welcoming community that is inclusive, equitable, and promotes positive academic, social, and emotional well-being.
  • We believe relationships and collaboration matter.
  • We believe resources shall be equitably distributed to ensure the success of each student.
  • We believe in the value of community voice in decision-making.
  • We believe in a culture of trust based on integrity and transparency.



2017-18 Climate and Satisfaction Survey

Parent and Community Member

The Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) is currently administering a survey to parents and community members to assess their perceptions of SUHSD and to receive feedback about various factors related to the district’s overall climate. – Click here to view the survey.  

SUHSD has partnered with Hanover Research to administer and analyze this survey. Hanover Research is an independent market research firm based in Washington, D.C., and is in no way affiliated with any other entity or organization. Your responses to this survey are completely anonymous and will be kept strictly confidential. The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Grants and Communications Department at (619) 691-5578. We value your input and appreciate your participation!

El distrito Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD por sus siglas en inglés) actualmente administra una encuesta para padres de familia y miembros de la comunidad con el fin de entender las percepciones del distrito y recopilar sugerencias sobre distritos factores importantes relacionados al ambiente general del distrito. – Oprima aquí para tomar la encuesta .

SUHSD se asoció con Hanover Research para administrar y analizar la presente encuesta. Hanover Research es una firma de mercadeo independiente con sede en Washington, D.C., y no está afiliada a otras entidades u organizaciones. Sus respuestas se mantendrán de manera estrictamente confidencial. La encuesta se contesta en 15 minutos aproximadamente.

Valoramos sus sugerencias y agradecemos su participación.



Click here for staff survey link.


Sweetwater District Presented $8 Million Department of Defense STEM Grant at Fleet Week Event

Grant Will Equip SUHSD Students to Thrive in College-Level Courses

Recently, the Department of Defense kicked-off San Diego Fleet Week by presenting the Sweetwater Union High School District with an $8 million grant to begin implementation of the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) College Readiness Program. The program will be implemented in 10 Sweetwater District high schools that have children of military personnel in their student bodies.Dr. Janney accepting the $8 million grant check from the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) College Readiness Program

“This grant is giving us an opportunity to really provide the time and training to enhance teaching and learning for students and for staff,” said Sweetwater District Superintendent Dr. Karen Janney.

The NMSI grant is intended to increase the number of students taking college-level courses to prepare them for the 21st century economy. The program also places an emphasis on increasing access and achievement among traditionally underrepresented students.

“Over the last couple of years, we have worked very hard as a district to implement strategies in our teaching and learning and overall curriculum that ensure that our students are not only getting into college, but that they are prepared when they get there,” said Arturo Solis, Sweetwater District Board of Trustees President. “Our motto has been “Putting Students First” and with the help of this program, we will be able to do just that.”

The program will be implemented at Bonita Vista , Chula Vista, Eastlake, Hilltop, Montgomery, Mar Vista, Olympian, Otay Ranch, Southwest and Sweetwater high schools. 

The presentation at the Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier helped kick off Fleet Week San Diego. Chula Vista High student Roman Cisneros opened the program by singing the national Anthem and Mar Vista High’s NJROTC paraded the colors.

Tom Torlakson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction attended the event and encouraged students to “continue being innovative and keep exploring.”

NMSI is a 10-year-old program that has been implemented in 217 high schools that serve military families in 31 states, 93 military installations and four military services.


Sweetwater District Message to Families on Pending DACA Decision

En Español

Dear Sweetwater Families:

Yesterday, the White House announced calling for an end to the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). The DACA program allows undocumented immigrants who arrived in the United States as minors to apply for a renewable two-year work permit and shields them from deportation.

It is important for you to know that all of our students have the right to attend school without the fear of detention and/or deportation. The Sweetwater school community believes strongly in ethics of tolerance and respect for all. What makes our district so unique is the different background and culture each student brings to our classrooms every day.

Last year, the Sweetwater Board of Trustees passed Resolution 4468, Advocating For and Protecting Each of the District’s Students as an outward demonstration of our commitment to “promote inclusion and provide a safe and secure environment…wherein each student and each employee is protected from all forms of discrimination.” The board then reinforced the resolution with adoption of Board Policies 5145.4, 5145.41, 5145.42 – all of which establish procedures to further protect/enforce our student’s immigration rights.

The Sweetwater District is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment for each of our students by affirming the clearly stated values of safety, inclusion, and equity. The policies affirm the District’s commitment specifically to providing a safe, welcoming, and inclusive learning environment for immigrant students and their families. Please know that these policies prohibit information-sharing with local law enforcement and federal immigration authority to the fullest extent possible under the law.

Further, the state of California has its own California Dream Act, which is unrelated to DACA and allows undocumented students to receive state financial aid for college.

We are grateful to our Board for their vision and leadership and we are proud of the beliefs and values we embrace as a district.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your legal rights, we encourage you to seek independent legal counsel. Additional resources for families can be found on the San Diego County Office of Education website at http://www.sdcoe.net/educators/Pages/Immigration-Law-Briefing-for-Schools.aspx


Karen Janney, Ed.D.


Estimadas familias del Distrito de Sweetwater:

El día de ayer, la Casa Blanca hizo un llamado para eliminar el programa Acción Diferida para los Llegados en la Infancia (DACA por sus siglas en inglés). El programa DACA permite que los inmigrantes indocumentados que llegaron a Estados Unidos como menores de edad soliciten un permiso renovable de dos años para trabajar y los protege de ser deportados.

Es importante que ustedes sepan que todos los alumnos tienen derecho a asistir a la escuela sin miedo a ser detenidos o deportados. La comunidad escolar de Sweetwater cree firmemente en la ética de tolerancia y respeto para todos. Las distintas experiencias y la cultura que cada alumno comparte a diario en los salones de clases hacen de nuestro distrito escolar un lugar único.

El año pasado, la Mesa Directiva del Distrito de Sweetwater aprobó la Resolución 4468, con el fin de abogar y proteger a cada uno de nuestros alumnos como una demostración externa de nuestro compromiso para “promover inclusión y brindar un entorno seguro…en donde cada alumno y cada empleado está a salvo de todo tipo de discriminación.” La mesa directiva entonces reforzó dicha resolución con la adopción de las Políticas de la Mesa Directiva BP 5145.4, 5145.41, 5145.42, las cuales establecen los procedimientos para hacer valer y proteger los derechos de nuestros alumnos inmigrantes.

El Distrito de Sweetwater está comprometido a mantener un ambiente de aprendizaje sano y seguro para todo alumno, reiterando los valores de seguridad, inclusión, y equidad estipulados. Las políticas mencionadas confirman el compromiso del Distrito, de manera específica, de proveer un ambiente cálido, de aprendizaje sano, e inclusivo a los alumnos inmigrantes y sus familias. Queremos hacer de su conocimiento que dichas políticas prohíben el intercambio de información con la policía local y la autoridad federal de inmigración en la mayor medida posible en virtud de la ley.

Además, el estado de California cuenta con su propia ley: California Dream Act, la cual no está vinculada al programa DACA y permite que los alumnos indocumentados reciban ayuda financiera para asistir a la universidad.

Estamos muy agradecidos con la mesa directiva por su visión y liderazgo y nos sentimos muy orgullosos de las creencias y valores que hemos adoptado como distrito.

Si tienen preguntas o inquietudes acerca de sus derechos legales, recomendamos que acuda con un asesor independiente de asuntos legales. Pueden encontrar recursos adicionales para familias en la página de internet de la Oficina de Educación del Condado de San Diego en: http://www.sdcoe.net/educators/Pages/Immigration-Law-Briefing-for-Schools.aspx


Karen Janney, Ed.D.


Letter from the Sweetwater Equity, Culture and Support Services Team

Colleagues and friends:
As the world watched the violence and hatred carried out by white supremacists in Charlottesville, there was absolute shock at the level of brutality exhibited by these extreme hate groups. And as educators, we have a moral and ethical responsibility to condemn racial and ethnic prejudice and to talk candidly with our students about these issues. It is equally important that we embrace diversity within our district and confront prejudice throughout our communities; if we do nothing, we can be seen as complicit.

Although these events are dispiriting, we want to reaffirm our commitment to strengthening unity within our schools and serving as beacons of hope for our students. Our district will not and does not tolerate racism, violence, or bullying by any individual or group. Moreover, we will continue to actively build inclusive, caring, and positive environments so each district student and staff is provided with a respectful and safe learning and work experience.

Please recall that last year, our Board of Trustees approved a new resolution to ensure that our students are treated with dignity and respect and have the opportunity to learn in a physically, emotionally and intellectually safe environment. And although we have many areas to improve as a district, our focus will remain on methods in which we can serve our students and staff in better and more effective ways. For instance, we will continue training our staff around issues involving diversity, inclusion, equity, bias, race, ability, and sexual and gender orientation. In addition, our district will continue collaborating with community members, subject matter experts, parents, and students to develop strategies for improving district practices.

The Sweetwater Union High School District family must not accept acts of racism, bigotry, or violence and it is imperative that we provide each student, and staff member, with a safe, positive, healthy, caring, and respectful learning and working environment.

We are asking you to stand with us in denouncing racism and other forms of bias. Together, our unified school community will make a positive and impactful difference in the lives of district students and families.


Equity, Culture, Support Services Team


A partial eclipse of the sun will be visible from San Diego County on August 21, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,

A partial eclipse of the sun will be visible from San Diego County on August 21, 2017 from approximately 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m (https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/in/usa/san-diego) and a total eclipse of the sun will be visible from other parts of the country, which NASA will livestream on its website.

Please understand that in its most fundamental form, the eclipse is not dangerous, but looking at the sun without proper protection is always harmful. One of the primary safety issues during an eclipse is that curiosity regarding this phenomena makes it more likely people, especially children, will look at the eclipse without proper eye protection.

Looking at the eclipse without eye protection is extremely risky and could lead to burns which damage the light sensitive cells that give us the ability to see. These burns do not typically lead to an immediate loss of vision. However, the loss of vision generally occurs the next day which to some, looks like a black hole in the center of the affected person’s sight. In some cases, people re-gain some of their vision over a period of several months, but in many cases, the loss is permanent.

Schools, classrooms and individuals are advised to watch the eclipse via NASA’s live stream. Our Curriculum and Instruction department have provided school sites with age appropriate lesson plans and tools to maximize learning about the eclipse in a safe manner.This is to prevent harm to those who surreptitiously view the eclipse without precautions.

Lastly, please note that the Sweetwater Union High School District does not support the use of manufactured eclipse glasses for our students.

NASA Live Stream of August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse Website: https://www.nasa.gov/eclipselive

2017 Eclipse Phenomena – PDF

Estimados padres de familia o tutor:


El 21 de agosto de 2017 ocurrirá un eclipse parcial del sol el cual se podrá apreciar en el condado de San Diego de 9:00 a.m. a 12:00 p.m.  y el eclipse total del sol se podrá apreciar en otras partes del país, el cual será transmitido en vivo por la NASA en su página de internet.


Como usted comprenderá, el eclipse en sí, no es peligroso, sin embargo observar directamente el sol sin la protección adecuada siempre es dañino. Uno de los principales problemas de seguridad durante un eclipse es que la curiosidad sobre este fenómeno hace que sea más probable que las personas, especialmente los niños, observen el eclipse sin la protección adecuada de los ojos.


Observar el eclipse sin protegerse los ojos es extremadamente arriesgado y puede ocasionar quemaduras las cuales dañan las células sensibles a la luz que nos proporcionan la capacidad de ver. Dichas quemaduras típicamente no conducen a pérdida la inmediata de la vista. Sin embargo, la pérdida de la vista generalmente ocurre al día siguiente, el cual, para algunos se ve como un agujero negro en el centro de la vista afecta de la persona. En algunos casos, las personas recuperan parte de la vista después de un período de tiempo de varios meses, sin embargo en muchos casos, la pérdida es permanente.


Se ha recomendado a las escuelas, salones de clases, y al público en general, que observen el eclipse a través de la transmisión en vivo de la NASA. El Departamento de Currículum y Enseñanza proporcionó al personal de los planteles escolares lecciones y herramientas para maximizar el aprendizaje sobre el eclipse de manera segura. Lo antes mencionado es para prevenir daños a las personas que observan el eclipse a escondidas, y sin tomar las debidas precauciones.


Por último, les reiteramos que el distrito Sweetwater Union High School District no apoya que los alumnos usen los anteojos fabricados para observar el eclipse.


La página de internet de la transmisión en vivo de la NASA del eclipse de sol que ocurrirá el 21 de agosto de 2017 es: https://www.nasa.gov/eclipselive


Letter to Parents Regarding Student Transcripts

Dear Senior Parents and Students,

The Sweetwater Union High School District in the summer of 2016 transitioned to a new student information system called Infinite Campus. Throughout this transition, the Informational Technology and Curriculum and Instruction departments worked closely with school sites to develop a customized transcript for SUHSD students. The district’s previous transcript contained numerous elements that took years to develop and were continually modified.

Some parents have shared their concerns about a potential loss of data with the transition to Infinite Campus. As the new system has been put into operation, we have introduced new elements of data. Throughout each of these stages of implementation, validation of information has occurred to ensure accuracy. Infinite Campus houses all the pertinent information and data required for accurate transcripts.

We have established a transcript that is accepted by colleges and universities that includes weighted and unweighted grade point averages, total credits attempted and total credits earned, graduation date, detailed list of all course taken, and citizenship grades. Your child’s high school is able to provide a copy of the official transcript through the Registrar’s office.


Ana Maria Alvarez
Assistant Superintendent, Teaching and Learning


Regular Meeting to be held on July 24, 2017 – Special Tax Levy for Fiscal Year 2017-2018 for Community Facilities Districts / Mello-Roos

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Trustees of the Sweetwater Union High School District, at its Regular Meeting to be held on July 24, 2017, will consider the adoption of the resolution which establishes the Special Tax Levy for Fiscal Year 2017-2018 for Community Facilities District Nos. 1-6, 8, 9A, 9B & 10-20. Details regarding adjustments to the Special Tax Levy can be found on the July 24, 2017, Meeting Agenda.


1 to 1 Initiative Update

With recent reports regarding the Sweetwater Union High School District 1 to 1 Initiative being made in the media, it is important to clarify the device statistics and statuses being reported for this initiative.

As part of the District’s plan for Educational Technology, the goal is to provide students with the technology tools that will prepare them for college and career. Students use the devices to learn about the efficiency and power of technology both in and out of the classroom. As part of this initiative students learn digital citizenship and staff receives professional development on how to use technology as a tool in the classroom.

Since 2010, the district began acquiring iPads for a variety of uses. The majority of devices were acquired between 2012-2014 to directly support the 1 to 1 initiative. A total of 29,843 iPads were acquired during this time.

Year Acquired Active Inactive Sold
2012 7,947 706 337 5,523
2013 9,235 3,448 225 3,260
2014 12,661 8,224 146 8
Totals 29,843 12,378 708 8,791

Of the original devices purchased, 12,378 remain active within the district, with 7,966 additional newer devices that were added in to support the initiative for additional students and to replace iPads taken out of circulation.

2012 2013 2014 Total
Replacement Devices 1,381 2,302 4,283 7,966

A total of 708 devices are inactive, meaning that they were lost, stolen or taken out of inventory. This represents approximately 2% of the total number of iPads being used for the initiative, meaning that almost 98% of the devices are physically accounted for.

Finally, in order to replace older devices, the Information Technology Department has begun selling devices to Gazelle, an e-commerce company that buys and sells used electronic devices. In 2017, the Sweetwater District sold 8,791 devices from the 1 to 1 Initiative. Funds from the sale are being placed directly back into the 1 to 1 Initiative.

The Sweetwater Union High School District tracks all devices in use for both the 1 to 1 Initiative and for use in other areas and can specifically account for all devices. All iPads are bar coded internally, to include the serial number, model number and software version of devices purchased for this initiative. In addition, we are now utilizing device tracking software for all devices in inventory. All devices for this initiative are tracked and can be accounted for.