Climate and Perception Survey – 2017

Parent and Community Member

The Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) is currently administering a survey to parents and community members to assess their perceptions of SUHSD and to receive feedback about various factors related to the district’s overall climate. – Click here to view the survey.  

SUHSD has partnered with Hanover Research to administer and analyze this survey. Hanover Research is an independent market research firm based in Washington, D.C., and is in no way affiliated with any other entity or organization. Your responses to this survey are completely anonymous and will be kept strictly confidential. The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Grants and Communications Department at (619) 691-5578. We value your input and appreciate your participation!

El distrito Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD por sus siglas en inglés) actualmente administra una encuesta para padres de familia y miembros de la comunidad con el fin de entender las percepciones del distrito y recopilar sugerencias sobre distritos factores importantes relacionados al ambiente general del distrito. – Oprima aquí para tomar la encuesta .

SUHSD se asoció con Hanover Research para administrar y analizar la presente encuesta. Hanover Research es una firma de mercadeo independiente con sede en Washington, D.C., y no está afiliada a otras entidades u organizaciones. Sus respuestas se mantendrán de manera estrictamente confidencial. La encuesta se contesta en 15 minutos aproximadamente.

Valoramos sus sugerencias y agradecemos su participación.



Click here for staff survey link.

Sweetwater Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF)

February 7th, 2017 @ Otay Ranch High School

The Sweetwater Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) has been showcasing District Science and Engineering projects since 1998, when 50 students from 6 schools participated. Since then, the SSEF has grown to 200 students with 180 projects representing 12 District schools. Through the years over 2,000 students have participated, with more than 500 going on to the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair (GSDSEF). The 2017 SSEF will take place at Otay Ranch High School on Tuesday, February 7, 2017.

Click here for more information.

SweetPD17 In-Service Gathers 2,000 Sweetwater District Educators

The day before 41,000 Sweetwater District students filled the halls and classrooms of their schools after winter break, nearly 2,000 district teachers, administrators and counselors gathered for a professional development in-service, also known as SweetPD17.

The first of its kind, held at San Ysidro High School, Sweetwater Superintendent Dr. Karen Janney called the event a purposeful collaboration designed by teachers for teachers and staff showed district spirit by wearing their “Putting Students First” t-shirts.

“Today is a powerful learning opportunity I hope we all take advantage of, to continue to build and expand ourselves to meet the needs of our students,” said Dr. Janney.

The morning began with a keynote address from Dr. Jeff Duncan-Andrade author of “Roses in the Concrete” and a 21-year Oakland Public School teacher. Duncan-Andrade is no stranger to Sweetwater District staff and personnel. His charismatic keynote included feedback on the districts mantra “Putting Students First”. “I believe by Putting Students First you first have to put your most vulnerable students first, “said Duncan-Andrade. “The real measure of the quality of a classroom, school or district is how you are able to put your most vulnerable students first and see them succeed.”

The SweetPD17 conference provided teachers, administrators and counselors with quality sessions one would find at a regional or national conference. According to Superintendent Janney, “the expertise is here in our own backyard, and together we can share this know knowledge.”

Nearly 70 breakout sessions were offered to district staff to attend after Duncan-Andrade’s keynote session.Presenters for the conference include Sweetwater teachers, college professors, and industry professionals who shared lessons, strategies, and structures found to be successful. Dr. Fulcher, Assistant Superintendent of Equity, Culture and Support Services hosted a session on “The initial steps of our new and collaborative Equity Walk: If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.” Dr. Joseph Johnson, from the National Center for Urban School Transformation hosted a session on Quality First Instruction. And Castle Park High Schools Social Justice Club students led a session on “Breaking the Silence” Supporting LGBT students, families and staff.

“The SweetPD17 conference provided teachers, administrators and counselors with quality sessions one would find at a regional or national conference,” said Superintendent Janney. ‘The expertise is here in our own backyard, and together we can share this know knowledge.”

“Every policy and every practice has to be good for the kids that need us the most. Then we are really on an equity move,” said Duncan-Andrade. “Programs don’t work, people work.”

Click here to view Presenter materials from the event.

Click here to view more photos from the event.

Notice of Intent to Submit an Application for 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program (After School Programs) – 2016

In accordance with the application instructions from the California Dept. of Education, the San Diego County Office of Education submits a public notice to the community of Sweetwater Union High School District of San Diego County Office of Education’s intent to submit an application for a 21st Century Community Learning Centers After School Programs grant for public schools to be served in the aforementioned areas.

The purpose of the 21st CCLC Program, as described in federal statute, is to provide opportunities for communities to establish or expand activities that focus on:

  1. Improved academic achievement
  2. Enrichment services that reinforce and complement the academic program, and
  3. Family literacy and related educational development services

SUHSD schools who qualify for applying for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers After School Programs grant

  • Castle Park Middle School
  • Chula Vista Middle School
  • Granger Junior High School
  • Hilltop Middle School
  • Mar Vista Academy
  • Montgomery Middle School
  • National City Middle School
  • Southwest middle School
  • Options Secondary School

Click here for a PDF version of this notice on district letter head

Sweetwater District and CSEA Reach two year Contract Agreement

Today, the Sweetwater Union High School District and CSEA and its Chapters 258, 471, and 731 are pleased to announce that we reached a two year contract covering the 2016-17 and 2017-18 school years. The parties agreed to a 3.75% wage increase effective January 1, 2017 and a wage and benefit reopener for the 2017-2018 school year. Additional highlights include:

1) Establishing Classified Advisory Committees on all campuses,
2) Added another professional growth increment to encourage continual learning,
3) Expanded interview rights for classified employees applying for transfers and promotions, and
4) Developed a form for classified employee to use when using paid leave.

The Board of Trustees will vote on the agreement on Monday, December 12, 2016. CSEA and its Chapters will vote to ratify the agreement in the near future.

This agreement was reached due to the commitment of the Association and the District to forge stronger relationships through purposeful collaborative and effective communications. We are thrilled to celebrate this ongoing work at the District Joint Labor Management Collaborative Training on December 7, 2016.

SUHSD Hour of Code 2016 Event

The Sweetwater Union High School District and Computer Science teachers community would like to invite our students to participate in this year’s Hour of Code Event during Computer Science Education week , December 5 – 11!

Several schools in our district will be conducting individual classes to school-wide activities for the Hour of Code next week (Dec 5-11). Last year, the district had several hundred students participate, and we hope to increase those numbers this year!

Each year that students and staff have participated in the Hour of Code the feedback has been extremely positive!

The Hour of Code can be done on desktops, laptops, tables, and smartphones!

With questions, please contact Art Lopez, District Curriculum Specialist for Computer Science at .

For more information about the Hour of Code, please check out the following!

Hour of Code Tutorials (select one for students [or you!] to use)
Hour of Code Video Inspirational Video
How to Guide for Teachers
President Obama calling on all students to learn computer science
Promote Hour of Code Resources (including inspirational videos)

District Message Regarding Recent Elections

District leadership has received inquiries on recent election results and the way in which students and staff are responding to that event. Please take a moment to read…

Today and every day, the Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) is committed to “Putting Students First” and we remain steadfast in our efforts to support each student, our staff, and our community.

Stressful events take different forms — natural disasters, personal loss, school violence, political unrest — and their effects on us vary. Our reactions to stressful circumstances can impact students and staff who are directly affected, as well as their families and community members.

During stressful times, students and staff may experience a wide spectrum of emotions. But, stress can become a problem when we are unable to cope well with it and when it gets in the way of going to school, doing our jobs, or taking care of ourselves and family. Coping well with stress begins with recognizing how we are reacting and taking steps to manage our reactions in a healthy way.

Common Reactions to a Stressful Event
· Disbelief and shock
· Feeling sad, frustrated, helpless, and numb
· Fear and anxiety about the future
· Feeling guilty
· Anger, tension, and irritability
· Difficulty concentrating and making decisions
· Crying

Although students and staff may react differently to a stressful situation, it is important to assess the impact to provide appropriate support.
· Determine Impact – Encourage teachers to ask students how they are feeling about the events taking place. Some students may be experiencing fear and anxiety, while others may be coping well. This is an opportunity for students to share their thoughts and feelings and at the same time listen and support one another. Restorative circles can be used to do this. Some students may struggle to share how they feel or may not have the right words to describe their emotions. They tend to show their stress through their behavior. Staff are encouraged to focus their interest on the students’ experience rather than on the behavior that results from it.
· School Response – If students are having a difficult time, it may be helpful to bring a counselor or district staff to talk with students about the stressful event. Encourage students to ask questions, and talk about their fears and unpleasant feelings. If a student has additional worry, it may be time to seek additional help.
· Continued Efforts – Many students experience extreme stress and similar symptoms as those of adults. During these times, students must depend on the adults around them to help them. Staff is reminded to continue their efforts to build safe, respectful, and positive school and classroom environments.
· It’s important to closely monitor the reactions of staff for signs of stress.

Strategies to reduce stress: · Acknowledge their feelings
· Promote a positive environment by modeling healthy coping behaviors
· Model respectful behavior by maintaining equitable treatment of each member of our learning community

Finally, and most importantly, keep calm and take care of yourself! Students often are impacted by the stress they see and feel from the adults around them. We continue to be a district where we not only respect our diversity and differing viewpoints, but we also encourage dialogue and better understanding of one another.

Each and every day, regardless of what happens around us, we are given the opportunity to educate students and have a positive impact on their lives. We can only be successful at this if we take care of ourselves and take care of each other.

We thank you for the opportunity to serve you and please know that we are here for you as a resource.