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Bonita Vista High School – Barons 

With a rigorous lineup of International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement courses, Bonita Vista High (BVH) provides a challenging academic environment supplemented by engaging athletic and extra-curricular activities.

Students also have the opportunity to pursue career courses in automotive technology, information technology, and sports medicine.  The Barons’ award-winning show choir Music Machine, Club Blue Band and Color Guard compete and provide entertainment at hundreds of events each year.

Bonita Vista Middle School – Crusaders 

Bonita Vista Middle School, where we “Prepare Tomorrow’s Leaders,” has many opportunities for students to realize their potential. They include a strong core and elective academic program, Associated Student Body, Knowledge Bowl, Science Fair, Math Field Day, Academic Support Classes, Counseling Support Groups, Tutoring, Peer Mediation, AVID and Intramural sports and an  outstanding Dual-Language Immersion program. BVM’s rigorous academic program helps students prepare for the demands of classes in high school.  These programs, in conjunction with highly dedicated and talented staff, help ensure all students maximize their middle school experience in a safe and inclusive environment.

Castle Park High School – Trojans

One of only two district high schools with an International Baccalaureate course sequence, Castle Park High (CPH) challenges and stimulates students through high quality educational offerings. In addition to Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses, the school develops student career interests through its ROP Programs in Sports Medicine, Marketing, and Construction. We are also home to the School of Business Leadership and the Science Innovation Academy. CPH students are able to experience not only an education, but real life.

Castle Park Middle School – Knights

Castle Park Middle School (CPM) has the most innovative and advanced college going culture in the Sweetwater Union High School District; where staff operate with the belief that all students should be prepared academically to go to college.  Our state of the art college center offers numerous college resources, virtual tours of universities across the country, as well as weekly college academic language.

Our mission is to ensure all students fulfill their academic, personal and social potential through a system of learning distinguished by:  A varied, creative and rigorous curriculum, a network of individualized student support (ASSIST Program), a dedicated partnership with family and community (South Bay Community Services- Promise Neighborhood Grant), an environment of social responsibility, respect and trust (Olweus Anti-Bullying Program), and a culture that celebrates individual achievement (Elite Knights’ Recognition Program).

We enhance student learning through technology in our lessons in order to build the students’ capacity for technology use and to encourage creativity.  In addition, CPM offers an intensive support program that provides researched-based (timely, targeted, and systematic) academic interventions.

Chula Vista High School – Spartans

Chula Vista Middle School – Cavaliers

Eastlake High School – Titans

Eastlake High School (ELH) is a California Distinguished School known for its vast array of academic programs. Located on the eastern side of Chula Vista, one of the fastest growing cities in the state, ELH, home of the Titans, opened in 1992. Eastlake High School offers a variety of career pathways in Pre-Engineering and Health Sciences. Currently, available pathways include Health Sciences and Medical Technology; Engineering and Technology; Arts, Media and Entertainment; and the Health Sciences Pipeline Initiative.

The Pre-Engineering Program received the Golden Bell Award in 2006; this was the second Golden Bell for Eastlake High School. Eastlake High School has also been a major sports contender in the Sweetwater District. Students have been able to thrive in the many programs the school offers.

EastLake Middle School – Tritons

Eastlake Middle School (ELM) has established itself as a leader in academic achievement during its first ten years of existence. While student results on state-wide exams place the school among the district’s top performers, an ability to apply that knowledge has earned ELM students individual, as well as site, ribbons in both the district and county Math Field Day, Knowledge Bowl, Science Fair and art and music competitions.

ELM is also highly competitive in the district’s middle school athletic program. A dedicated staff, a rigorous curriculum including a Dual Language Spanish Immersion program as well as strong community and parental involvement assure ELM will continue to be a place of outstanding  learning and student success.

Granger Junior High School – Griffins

Granger Junior High School is a vibrant community school in National City. Granger has won national recognition being selected as a California School to Watch. Another prestigious award was given by the National Center for Urban School Transformation (NCUST).

Granger was given the NCUST Gold Award and selected as the leading urban middle school in the United States. Many visitors to Granger’s campus comment on how students are highly engaged in learning, debates and discussions. Rigor is a part of all classes, and enrichment activities are provided through guitar classes, band, college field trips, as well as fun after school activities.

Hundreds of students stay after school to either participate in sports, clubs or to get homework help and academic tutoring. Granger is also known for its high level of parent engagement, volunteerism and community support. On a typical visit to Granger one will observe parents taking English classes or volunteering in the school’s Parent Center.

National City Mayor and City Council members regularly attend school meetings and special events, and community partners like Olivewood Gardens help students strive for better health so they can learn at optimal levels.

Hilltop High School – Lancers

Hilltop High School (HTH) has earned its reputation for rigor through the continued academic success of its students. Hilltop’s four-year high school programs in Hospitality and Tourism, Information Technology and Foreign Language and Global Studies develop student interest and provide international concept and career exploration through an innovative “school-within-a-school” concept.

Completion of the program of study prepares students to be future leaders with strong foreign language and problem solving skills, and provides a solid foundation for entry into the career field as global citizens.

Hilltop Middle School – Falcons

Mar Vista High School – Mariners

Only minutes from the Pacific Ocean in Imperial Beach, Mar Vista High School (MVH) is the most southwesterly high school in the United States. Award-winning programs include Navy Junior ROTC, the AVID program, and the Poseidon Academy.

The Poseidon Academy refers to itself as a “school within a school”.  Students must follow strict guidelines pertaining to their schedules.  They are required to take a science class every year, including Project Science which is designed to teach students how to create and test their own experiments.

Every year, students enrolled in this enriching program travel to Catalina Island and even the Galapagos Island. Here they learn to snorkel, kayak and learn more about Marine Science in general. MVH also offers the following Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathways: Business Computer Applications, Fire Science, Multimedia Productions, and Engineering.

Mar Vista Academy – Vikings

Mar Vista Academy’s (MVA) mission is to engage, educate, and empower each student to thrive in a global community.  As a community of learners, the staff of Mar Vista Academy understands that learning is a life-long process that requires all of us to reflect on our own practice, learn from each other, and strive to improve our instruction every day.

The VALOR Program, MVA’s after school program, provides opportunities for students to excel academically and explore creatively. Its comprehensive program model is designed to offer students the best of both worlds in terms of academic support and enrichment classes to participate before and after school.

Montgomery High School – Aztecs

Everything we do at Montgomery High School epitomizes our school motto, “Aztec Pride-The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence.” Together with working with our outstanding administrative team, teachers, and staff, we have focused intensely upon ramping up the rigor in all of our classrooms.

We have implemented the Rigor/Relevance Framework which promotes teachers analyzing the level of rigor and relevance of their instruction as well as how to better engage students. Our professional development has focused upon developing our students’ critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills to ensure they are college-ready.

During the past four years, we have welcomed over twenty new highly qualified and innovative teachers to our already outstanding faculty. We have increased significantly the number of Advanced Placement classes, students enrolled in these classes, and the students passing AP exams.

We offer two outstanding career pathways through our KMMI Multimedia and Administration of Justice (AOJ) programs. Our exemplary AVID program provides many of our students with the study and organizational skills they will need to be successful in college.

We provide our students with additional academic support and numerous extracurricular activities through our excellent after school program entitled “STAY” and our “Operation GRIT” and “Aztec Checkout” programs. Our athletic teams have excelled by winning many league banners and competing in and winning CIF titles.

Last, but by no means least, our accelerated Prop O facility improvements have provided our students and community with an outstanding university-like learning environment. Our new classrooms, administrative office, and jewel of the South Bay gymnasium, as well as improved security and landscaping provide our Aztecs with the school which they richly deserve. It certainly is a “GREAT TIME TO BE AN AZTEC!!!”

Montgomery Middle School – Mayans

This southern San Diego school offers a variety of challenging academic programs including accelerated core courses and AVID.   Our students and staff are regularly recognized as district-wide leaders in technology usage and 21st century skills. Our new facilities are the pride of our neighborhood. The Community Resource Center and Borderview YMCA are on site and strengthen our ties to the community.

National City Middle School – Kingsmen

Where Success is the Only Option, National City Middle School (NCM) staff is committed to the implementation of Common Core State Standard with high expectations on career and college readiness preparation. NCM has a strong focus on comprehensive intervention programs before and after school that places academics first, allowing teachers to extend learning opportunities for targeted students.

NCM offers students a rigorous science curriculum which is evident by the honors that students receive at both the District Science Fair and San Diego Science and Engineering Fair.  The campus is on the forefront of technology by the complete incorporation of the iPad’s and various application software to support student learning.

In addition, all core subject classrooms are fully equipped with state of the art technology to better enhance the learning process.  The recent addition of the art Video Production and Broadcasting facility truly provides students with the experience of Video editing and production. Not only are students academically geared, but the program enhances student physical development by having them actively participate and utilize equipment from the Chargers Champion grant-funded fitness center.

Extracurricular activities include softball, baseball, basketball, soccer, football, cheerleading and dance.

Awards and Rankings: • California Distinguished School • Golden Bell Award winner • National Center for Urban School Transformation Award winner, 2013 • Ranked 10 out of 10 in similar schools • WestEd recognition for “beating the odds”, 2013 • California Business for Education Honor Roll School, 2012

Olympian High School – Eagles

Olympian High School (OLH) opened August 7, 2006 with a vision of integrating technology with college readiness for all students. Besides a strong core curriculum and AP Program, Olympian has opened two career pathways in the areas of Information Technology, which includes multi-media, web design, and incorporates a state-of-the art recording studio, and in Health Science, which features curriculum in both clinical and sports medicine.

OLH has also implemented a coherent school-wide academic literacy plan to ensure all students systematically develop the skills necessary to succeed in college and/or the world of work.

Otay Ranch High School – Mustangs

Palomar High School – Panthers

Palomar is the only continuation high school for the Sweetwater Union High School District.  Palomar High School has been recognized as a Model Continuation High School by the state of California for six terms, each term a duration of three years. Palomar educates a culturally and linguistically diverse population.

Every two to three weeks, students are referred from their comprehensive high schools for a lack of academic progress, credit deficiency, in addition to inconsistent attendance and/or behavior issues. Palomar High School prides itself in being a small learning community with dedicated, caring, highly qualified certificated and classified staff.

The school is run on a two-session system, with flexible scheduling, serving grades 10 through 12+. Palomar has created a safe learning environment by developing and implementing a comprehensive program of health, social and emotional support and counseling services for students and their families.

Rancho del Rey Middle School – Royals

Rancho Del Rey Middle School (RDM) continues to receive state recognition; as a two-time California Distinguished School award recipient. The Math Field Team has demonstrated excellence in winning the past two years’ competitions, and the schools’ distinguished robotics team continues to support STEM throughout the school. RDM also has a successful dual-language program that promotes bi-literate and bicultural students. Its non-core course offerings include visual and performing arts and technology that provide an interdisciplinary, standards-based curriculum.

San Ysidro High School – Cougars

San Ysidro High School (SYH), an AVID National Demonstration School, graduated its first senior class in June 2006 and distinguishes itself from other traditional public schools in many ways. Students are provided a school climate that embraces diversity, promotes personal well-being, safety, security, and citizenship.

SYH offers a challenging, comprehensive, and rigorous curriculum that includes Advanced Placement, AVID and Bilingual AVID, Honors courses, and Navy Junior ROTC. The school offers extended learning opportunities that provide students with exciting choices such as Medical Pathway, a career-technical education program in conjunction with a partnership with UCSD medical center.

SYH provides strong, rigorous, and enriching curricular opportunities that include programs in arts, media, entertaining, marketing, sales and services, business and finance that empower students to enter college or the workforce. After school activities support the academic program by offering tutorials and a wide range of mentally and physically challenging activities to all students. These include: fitness, community service, drama, music, dance, and a Robotics program.

SYH school culture promotes high academic standards and achievement, is standards based, grade level relevant, and recognizes the learning differences of all students. SYH takes pride for receiving the 2013 MetLife National Association of Secondary School Principals recognition as a high achieving school and for improving student achievement.

Southwest High School – Raiders

Southwest High School (SOH) home of the Raiders host several programs including a Dual Language Academy in Spanish and two career-technical educational programs in Bio-Medical and Eco-Engineering. These three particular programs enhance the school’s A-G, college going culture. SOH’s nationally renown engineering pathway robotics team has qualified to compete at the 2015 Nationals in St. Louis, Missouri. In addition, this Eco-Engineering pathway placed runner up in the 2015 ACE National Competition in the transportation Challenge category. In addition, SOH also offers career pathway programs in automotive technology and culinary arts.

Southwest Middle School – Buccaneers

Southwest Middle School (SOM) is a school with a collaborative culture that includes  parents, students, and community members. Together, SOM creates a caring and supportive learning environment that fosters both learning and success for students. Using research-based data driven instruction SOM provide students with a well-rounded and challenging standards-based curriculum that promotes academic growth for all SOM students.

The mission of SOM is to nourish a rigorous academic culture where all students can effectively acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful. The SOM Professional Learning Community upholds the following tenets for student success:

  • Established a culture of learning with high expectations for all students.
  • Work collaboratively with stakeholders to ensure that all students learn.
  • Use common formative assessments and analyze 
student data to improve student learning.
  • Promote personal responsibility for the learning success 
of all SOM students.
  • We provide innovative, academically proven programs (Dual Language, AVID, and STEAM Academies) in a technology-rich environment that motivates students’ life-long success!

Sweetwater High School – Red Devils

As the only high school in National City, Sweetwater High School (SUHi) is rich in tradition with a strong alumni network that supports a wide-range of academic, career, arts, and athletic programs.

Over the last decade, SUHi has expanded their college readiness and preparedness programs.  The school has the highest number of Advanced Placement courses, after school tutoring, free SAT/ACT Prep courses and is home to an award-winning Marine Corps Junior ROTC and Visual and Performing Arts program.

In addition, students are able to participate in internships in the fields of engineering, computer science, robotics, health care, and welding through academies and AVID programs.