Student Vaccine Mandate as of January 11, 2022

While we strongly encourage our student-athletes and those participating in VAPA
and other extracurricular activities to vaccinate, the Board will not be requiring
student vaccinations until at least the commencement of Off Season Sports
in May 2022 and for in-person instruction commencing in the 2022-2023
school year.

By this time we are confident that more definitive direction will be provided to all
California School District and FDA approval will be provided for the COVID 19

In the coming months, staff will provide more direction on implementation,
exemption processes, and virtual learning opportunities.

In spite of not implementing the vaccine mandate, the safety of all students remains
paramount especially during this COVID surge and as such additional COVID
protocols for our students participating in extracurricular activities will continue to
occur including additional testing, mask wearing, spectator capacity limitations, and
quarantine protocols.