SUHSD and SEA Agreement Regarding Distance Learning During School Closures Because of COVID-19

Dear Sweetwater School Community,

The Sweetwater Union High School District and Sweetwater Education Association are pleased to have reached agreement on a comprehensive memorandum of understanding ( linked here ) related to our provision of distance learning during the COVID-19 related school closures. We recognize that this may be a challenging time for our students, families and staff, however, we are committed to ensuring a high quality educational program to support our students academically and emotionally.

The memorandum of understanding’s key points include:

1. District shall establish a Districtwide student schedule to provide a daily routine for our students during the closure, ensuring materials are available both online and offline. In some cases, students will need flexibility in order to participate.

2. Teachers will determine the best method of assisting students remotely during their work day, such as via email, online meeting or phone. Teachers will share their individual plans with administrators and students weekly to ensure students know how and when they can connect with their teachers.

3. District will provide teachers training and supports during the transition to distance learning that are self-directed and teacher co-created. This ongoing professional development will be coupled with existing PLC and staff meeting structures ensuring site teams can support the school community together.

4. Recognizing that maintaining connections with students during the closure is a team effort, teachers will work with administrators to assist teachers in contacting students who are not participating in distance learning and with whom teachers are unable to otherwise connect.

5. Teachers will not be expected to work on site during the closure, in accordance with the County and Statewide orders and in modeling “stay at home” order to our community. Trips to school sites to gather materials or to access resources need to be pre-approved by the principal to ensure everyone’s safety.

6. Teachers will not have to worry about loss of pay or benefits so long as they are able to work remotely providing quality educational supports to students.

We appreciate the collaboration during this uncertain time that has resulted in a memorandum of understanding that focuses on meeting the needs of our students, teachers, and school community.

Karen Janney, Ed.D.
Sweetwater Union High School District

Julie Walker
Sweetwater Education Association